Mabinogi Pet Commands Mod

mabinogi Pet Commands Mod

in the chat. Online, community for throne Rush Heroes Cheat players of Nexon's mmorpg Mabinogi. The pet will use Healing skill on its master. Withdraw a designated pet, edited! A Border Collie, Miniature Pinscher or Samoyed will separate a key chest from mimics. The pet will just keep using. Command a pet to dance. A Griffin, White Tiger Cub, or Yellow Tiger Cub pet will prepare the Roar skill for use. Tip: The master should be using Rest before giving this command, for bonus recovery. Command a pet to use counter-attack skill. An Ice Dragon pet will prepare the Ice Breath skill for use. Command, effect, summon Petname! Command a pet to differentiate between mimics and real treasure chests. Command a pet to allow other users to collect its produced item. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content just to get your post count. An White Thunder Spaniel, Dapple Thunder Spaniel, or a Partner pet with the thunder skill will prepare four charges of the thunder skill for use. The pet will do a trick. Command a pet to use ice bolt magic skill.
mabinogi Pet Commands Mod
A Skeleton, Lava Walker Imp, Jungle Explorer Imp, Maid, or Butler will Play Dead. The pet will attempt to revive the master. Open a pet's inventory window. A Nightshade world At War Crack Mustang, Sunburst Shire, Ethereal Mist War Horse, or Black Flamemare pet will execute the Flame Dive skill.
mabinogi Pet Commands Mod


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