Redundant Fibber Code 3

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  • Which fibber is the one I should be looking for for Gaige
  • So if you ve never seen the. Fibber, the stats on the item card are all false. Fibber, for example, does 1/10.5 of the damage listed on the item card. So the double accessory (giving. Redundant prefix) makes the gun fire two bullets at the same time.
  • BlechBOX 2 points 3 points 4 points 5 years ago The perfect fibber for crits is a slag redundant fibber with low base damage. This way you get the crit bonus, the slag bonus, and the redundant prefix gives the slag 2 chances to apply. I copied the whole gun code for the Barrel 2, fibber into my backpack, then edited the barrel code directly by changing the 2 to. The new gun has Damage 50663 x 2 and when I shoot at the ground the projectile splits. It doesn t seem to home at all though.
  • Redundant Fibber Code 3

redundant Fibber Code 3
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redundant Fibber Code 3

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