Tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch

tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch

Hard). Combo Enthusiast (20 perform a 30 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode. Learning is Fun (15 pormpuraaw Postcode clear the tutorial stage in Scenario Campaign Mode. Gallery Completionist (45 complete the Gallery. No Pressure (20) Win a Player Match in Online Mode. Nighmare Train, beat Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor, subterranean Pavillion. So hit her and back up a little. Give Your Fists a Rest (15). What's So Special About It? White Rage - 2x Roulette, yellow Rage - 3x Roulette Lightning Rage - 4x Roulette Ice Rage - 5x Roulette Fire Rage - 6x Roulette Unlockable - Custom Win Pose At the end of a match, before the win sequence. Knock 10 enemies in the water in Scenario Campaign Mode. Arcade Addict (15 clear the Arcade Battle in Offline Mode. Other weapons and special items can be used as well, but the commands to use them vary. Alien Hunter (20) Defeat 10 aliens in Scenario Campaign Mode. Beat 16th Archaeological Expeditions Excavation Site (on Hard). Fighting Amateur (10) Play 3 matches in Online Mode. Ok the first time u fight her she is really hard to beat her. Enemy Hunting Enthusiast (20) Defeat 1000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode. Heavy Artillery (15) Defeat 100 enemies with the Gatling Gun in Scenario Campaign Mode.
tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch

Tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch - Xbox 360 Cheats

So tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch i'm gonna tell u how to beat her both times. U hit her with a short or long combo or what ever when she hits the grond back up a little so she can't hit. (20) Obtain the Special Flag in Scenario Campaign Mode. Crate Breaker (15) Destroy 100 wooden crates in Scenario Campaign Mode. Unlockable - Nancy-MI847J Bonus Round by prem, mar 31, 2011, beat all stages of Arcade mode without continuing to unlock the Nancy-MI847J bonus stage before fighting Jin Kazama. No Key For Me (45) Clear the Millennium Tower stage without the boot-up key in Scenario Campaign Mode. Oh i forgot kill the 2 big dudes. Brute Force (15 defeat 100 enemies with the Lead Pipe in Scenario Campaign Mode. Tekken 6 has the largest character roster to date, Online VS Battle, and other new content created for the home version.
We hope information that you ll find at this page help you in playing Tekken 6 on xbox 360 platform. If you didn t find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Find all our Tekken 6 Cheats for Xbox 360. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

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tekken 6 Cheats Xbox 360 Deutsch Enemy Hunting Master (30). Upgraded Assistant (15) Upgrade Alisa to the highest possible level.

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